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Unit 1: How to Point to a Star
Unit 2: Where on Earth Are You?
Unit 3: Earth's Rotation and the Sun's Apparent Motion
Unit 4: Yearly Changes in the Sky
Unit 5: Seasons and Climate
Unit 6: Sundials
Unit 7: Navigation
Unit 8: Ancient Astronomy
Unit 9: Constellations

Autumn Constellations

There are three constellations that we consider as being the Autumn Constellations. We have seperated them into two groups. Click on the two links below to access the constellations.

Group 1: Perseus

Group 2: Andromeda, Pegasus

Review Questions:

1.   0h RA goes through Pegasus. a) When is the sun at 0h RA and b) does that have any connection with Pegasus being a autumnal constellation?

2.   M-31 (42oN dec) is a prominant galaxy in Andoromeda. Which of the following cities would be in the best postion to view the galaxy?
(Hint: Consider how long M-31 is visible and how high M-31 is.)

City: Location:
North Pole
Paris, France
Miami, Florida
Ames, Iowa
Sao Paolo, Brazil

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