Unit 9 : Constellations : Circumpolar : Spring : Summer : Autumn : Winter : Unit Questionnaire

Unit 1: How to Point to a Star
Unit 2: Where on Earth Are You?
Unit 3: Earth's Rotation and the Sun's Apparent Motion
Unit 4: Yearly Changes in the Sky
Unit 5: Seasons and Climate
Unit 6: Sundials
Unit 7: Navigation
Unit 8: Ancient Astronomy
Unit 9: Constellations

Spring Constellations

There are four constellations that we consider as being the Spring Constellations.  We have seperated them into two groups.  Click on the two links below to access the constellations.

Group 1: Hercules, Corona Borealis, Bootes

Group 2:  Leo

Review Questions:

1.   Arcturus is at 19oN declination.  For which of these cities does Arcturus go through the Zenith:

City: Location:
El Centro, CA 32oN
Duluth, MN 46.5oN
San Salvador, El Salvador 19oN
Anchorage, AK 61oN

2.   Bootes is between 14h to 15h RA.  Hercules is 16h to 17h RA.  Which one rises first?