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Unit 1: How to Point to a Star
Unit 2: Where on Earth Are You?
Unit 3: Earth's Rotation and the Sun's Apparent Motion
Unit 4: Yearly Changes in the Sky
Unit 5: Seasons and Climate
Unit 6: Sundials
Unit 7: Navigation
Unit 8: Ancient Astronomy
Unit 9: Constellations

Circumpolar Constellations

There are five constellations that we consider as being circumpolar. We have seperated them into two groups. Click on the two links below to access the constellations.

Group 1: Ursa Major, Ursa Minor, Draco

Group 2: Cassiopeia, Cepheus


Review Questions:

1.   Ursa Major is circumpolar from Ames, Iowa (42oN Latitude). The stars in this constellation have a declination from about 40oN to just under 80 oN. For which of the following location would Ursa Major not be a circumpolar constellation:

Location: Latitude:
North Pole
Paris, France
Miami, Florida
Sao Paolo, Brazil 23oS
South Pole

2.  If this is the night sky you see:

Which of the following pictures show the same night sky as above but from a different perspective? Click on the picture.