Unit 2 : Activity 2 : The Terrestrial Coordinate System : Longitude and Time Zones : Earth Clock : Unit Exam

Unit 1: How to Point to a Star
Unit 2: Where on Earth Are You?
Unit 3: Earth's Rotation and the Sun's Apparent Motion
Unit 4: Yearly Changes in the Sky
Unit 5: Seasons and Climate
Unit 6: Sundials
Unit 7: Navigation
Unit 8: Ancient Astronomy
Unit 9: Constellations

Unit 2: Where on Earth Are You?

Welcome to Unit Two. Congratulations on finishing Unit 1. If you have not completed Unit 1, it is important that you go back and complete Unit 1 before proceeding. Please do Activity 2 before you start Unit 2, which begins with "The Terrestrial Coordinate System" sub-unit.










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