Contact Information

There are two main ways to get help with problems or questions you have about the course.

1. E-mail your instructor. You will find the names of the instructors for the course on the course syllabus available at Blackboard. The Syllabus will also be emailed to you.

2. Blackboard Disussion. If you have questions, you might first take a look at the discussion area of Blackboard. You can post questions, read answers and questions from others, or answer questions others have posted. Sometimes, the instructor will answer questions posted on Blackboard; at other times, students will answer.

To access Blackboard you will need to be enrolled in the course. The material posted on the web is free to all, but the more labor-intensive features (discussion, grading) of the course are limited to those who are enrolled. If you have questions about how to enroll, contact the Continuing Education office of the College of Liberal Arts and Sciences (LAS) at