Anatomy of Evening Star

A web course has two advantages over a traditional class (a) flexibility and (b) animation. You can work at your own pace - from break-neck to turtle - as long as you meet the stated deadlines. In designing this web course, we have tried to build in options so that you can work at your speed and find as much detail as you need to understand each topic. In the following we describe the purpose of each element on the site - the main site, No Frills Help!, and so on.

The Main Site

The main site text is designed to go beyond a standard text book. We have added animation to the diagrams to bring the concepts to life.

We use a series of Flash animations that require a media plug-in for your broswer. If you do not have the Flash plugin that allows you to view Flash animations, you can follow the link below to the vendor's site. Be sure this plug in works successfully before viewing the rest of the site.


To the right is an example of an icon you will see every so often on the site. By clicking on these icons, you will see a (usually brief) description to expand your understanding of a topic. The Extra sites are not required reading.