Welcome to Evening Star

In the second course, Evening Star, we set out to show some of the basics of being part of a solar system. You will learn about the historic views of our solar system as Kepler, Galileo, Newton and more thought it to be. You will learn about what makes up our solar system, the basics of gravity and orbits, and the difficulties in traveling within our solar system.

To start work on the course, and for detailed information on what you should expect to do in the course, click on Evening Star Introduction, below.  After you read the introduction, you will need to complete Activity 0.  After completing Activity 0, you will move to the first full Evening Star section, Unit 0: The Moon. Unlike Units 1-7, Unit 0 is not in html, but exists so far only as a .pdf file that you download and print. You will need the Adobe Reader to access this file and some of the unit activity files; it is a free download from Adobe.com. After finishing Unit 0, you will move on to Activity 1 and Unit 1, etc.

Once you have completely finished Unit 1, you will proceed to Activity 2, the Unit 2 and so on.  All 8 units are required if you are taking the course for credit. Again, go to the Evening Star Introduction for details.

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