The Polaris Project is a home for on-line course offerings in Astrophysics and Astronomy at Iowa State University, located in Ames, Iowa, USA. The courses offered here are full semster, accredited courses available to students regardless of their location around the world. All correspondance with the instructors, teaching assistants, and other students is conducted via e-mail and on-line postings. If you are an on-campus student, you may register for Astro 102 (NorthStar) or Astro 103X (EveningStar) as you would for any other course.

Astro 102 (NorthStar) and Astro 103 (Evening Star) are offered for off-campus students through the LAS College distance education office,

Here are links to the syllabus for Astro 102 and for Astro 103 and a list of relevant and reliable astronomy web sites.